Answers to frequently asked questions, a description of the diagnostic algorithm and technical requirements for the equipment
Steps of diagnosis procedure
Download the mobile application Eyemove and authorization with social accounts
Performing diagnostic
The points will appear on the screen, which you should follow it.
The camera will record motion video
Video Processing
The video is analyzed on the server. The reaction time, movement time, eye movement path are determined
The results are compared with the norm and previous tests. User can see their in his/her personal account
Introductory video
How is the online diagnostic of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's by eye movements performing?
Technical requirements
Needed a high resolution camera — from 60+ fps
Good face lighting
iPhone 6 and newer
2 minutes
Frequently asked questions
If the results of my diagnostic show bad results, what should I do?
In this case we recommend you to visit a doctor. We can find a doctor according to your requirements, who will be able to interpret the Eyemove results.
How often should I do the diagnostic?
We recommend to be diagnosed every six months. If in your family there were cases of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, we recommend to be diagnosed at least once a year.
Is the procedure painful?
No, the diagnostic is painless because it's non-invasive and only eye movement is analyzed remotely
Does the level of eyesight affect on quality of diagnostic?
No, eyesight does not affect on the speed of pupils movement
I have poor eyesight, can I perform diagnostic with glasses or lenses?
Yes, you can. Lenses and glasses do not affect on the speed of the pupils reaction. Glasses should not be with dark glass.
Is it advisable to pass the test to pregnant women?
Yes, pregnancy does not affect on the speed of the pupils movement.
How can I diagnose my relatives who do not have a good camera and the Internet?
In the absence of the Internet, you can use the offline version of the mobile application that will record the diagnostic video, and when the Internet appears, the results will be sent to the server for processing automatically. You can also call our specialist who will come with the necessary equipment.
At what age should I begin to worry?
We recommend you to start the diagnostiс from age 40 if there were no cases of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's in your family. If there were cases of dementia, we recommend starting at 25 years old.
Are there methods to prevent the disease?
Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way to treat dementia diseases (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's). But if you diagnose it at an early stage and start treatment, the disease can be partially controlled, slowing its development and maximally pushing off the onset of a severe terminal stage.
What are the methods to slow down the development of the disease?
At the moment drug therapy is used which contributes to the preservation of clear consciousness and independence for another 15-20 years. And as there is a list of preventive recommendations such as:
  • Do sport
  • Constantly train thinking and memory (playing chess, learning a new language, etc.).
  • Get enough sleep (daily from 5 to 9 hours)
    Preparation for diagnostic
    On the eve of the study, it is necessary to exclude increased psychoemotional loads and alcohol intake
    During diagnosis, the head should be in a static position (do not turn the head, move only the pupils of the eyes)
    Do not use bright makeup
    Lighting should be uniform (there are no shadows on the face)
    Interpretation of results
    Interpretation of the results of the study contains information for the attending physician and is not a diagnosis. Diagnostic information can not be used for self-treatment. An accurate diagnosis is made by the doctor, using both the survey results and the necessary information from other sources.
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