Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease diagnostics according to eye movements
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease diagnostics according to eye movements
"We have created a brand new product that reveals these disorders, even in the initial stages, just by analyzing your eye movements."
Mikhail Ianchikov
EyeMove CEO
Time of reaction - is used as a one-parameter diagnostics. Reaction time of a healthy person is about 160-165 ms, but if a person is in the first stage of dementia his/her time of reaction will be 190 ms and above.
Dementia is one of the main reasons for disability and dependency among elderly people in the world.
28 million
Alzheimer's disease
6 million
Parkinson's disease
47,5 million
Do the diagnostics
Using a web-camera or a cell phone's camera


Diagnostics to reveal the initial stages of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

After the diagnostics, you will learn about over 10 parameters of your eye movements, including time of reaction and time of movement of each eye.

Compare your result with the normal range.
What do experts say about dementia?
How to understand your family member has a dementia?
Symptoms may differ from one type of dementia to the other and can appear in different consequence:
1. They is constantly loosing things (keys, documents, etc.)
2. They puts things in very random places
3. They suspects that the lost things have been stolen and it is hard to persuade him/her otherwise
4. They is constantly asking the same questions forgetting the answers not long after
5. They is having a hard time figuring out how to get to frequently visited places
6. They is having issues with some things that seemed easy before (for example, filling out the application

    Feedback from our customers
    Project manager in Auchan Retail Russia.
    I did the diagnostics. It seems that everything is fine. I got lucky: two days in a row I went to bed early and my eyes seemed to be moving within the normal range.
    Client manager at Fintechlab.
    Great initiative for early diagnostics, useful program. Good job, thank you for doing this and good luck!
    Young mom, stylist.
    Thanks a lot for what you are doing! Thanks for the idea that is coming true and soon will change our future. Our healthcare will step forward several decades thanks to this project. But most importantly you will help millions of people!

    Eyemove team
    We are working proactively by fighting the reason, not the consequences!
    Mikhail Ianchikov
    Eyemove CEO
    Engineer-mathematician, over 5 years of experience in IT (Parallels, Voltmobi).

    Sergey Voronov
    Phd in technical sciences, senior engineer-developer. Specialist in image processing, computer vision, machine learning.
    Rinat Mohometzyanov
    C/C++, Python, Matlab, Java programmer. Image processing & computer vision developer.

    Vadim Kosov
    Back-end developer
    Worked several years for large IT-companies, like Yandex and Kinopoisk.
    Maksim Bogdanov
    Sales manager
    Over 5 years of experience in distribution (launch and sales).
    Ksenia Lushnikova
    Prototyping, adaptative design, web and mobile apps design.
    Irina Lopatkina
    Marketing specialist
    SMM, news editor in MSPU
    Photographer at Archdialogue.
    Anastasia Vetrova
    Reabilitation specialist
    Autism research, works with children that have vision disorders.

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